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Video Games Industry Memo (VGIM) is a free newsletter which explains video games and the games industry every Thursday in 15 minutes flat.

What is VGIM?

Every week, VGIM includes:

  • A big read to help you understand, or rethink, the video games industry.

  • Five sharply summarised news stories that put you across the sector’s agenda.

  • The big job moves across the sector and open roles that may tickle your fancy.

  • Five major video games events or conferences to attend.

  • The top three weekly video game releases that help you understand games today.

  • One final treat about the games industry before you go.

Why should I subscribe to VGIM?

It’s everything you need to know about games in under 15 minutes - Whether you’re an industry executive looking for one email to summarise the video games agenda or someone wanting to get to grips with the medium, VGIM is designed as a one-stop-shop that makes keeping up to speed a breeze.

VGIM brings industry expertise to life - VGIM’s insight comes from its editor George Osborn, who combines over a decade of industry experience with a deep understanding of the needs of external audiences in press, policy, business and not-for-profit circles. This makes VGIM authoritative, yet readable.

VGIM takes games seriously without being too serious - The business of games is as large as it is because it is fun. VGIM brings that energy to its coverage, providing an appropriately light touch to the topics of the week.

VGIM readers make the industry’s world go round - VGIM isn’t just read by leading executives within the games sector; it’s read by political officials, regulators, trade association leaders, investors, bankers, lawyers, broadsheet journalists and more. Subscribing to VGIM helps you see the world that they do too.

What do readers say about VGIM?

“Video Games Industry Memo is the gold standard of industry newsletters.” - Public Policy Lead, Listed Games Company

"VGIM is essential reading on an essential industry; explaining what's important without making you feel like a total noob." - Jared Shurin

"Video Games Industry Memo is so so good...it's not only genuinely warmly interesting, it's also so well put together." - Alysia Judge

"Come for excellent gaming insights, stay for the puns." - Leo Danczak

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