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VGIM Insider is a paid subscription service that builds on top of the weekly Video Games Industry Memo offer.

Every month, VGIM Insiders receive extra content, extra access and exclusive offers or opportunities - adding extra value to your favourite weekly games newsletter.

What do VGIM Insiders get?

As well as receiving the usual Thursday email that every free subscriber receives, VGIM Insiders will receive the following benefits.

  • Two extra newsletters - VGIM Insiders will receive two additional mailers from me. Ask George will come out every second Friday of the month and offer subscribers the chance to prod me for insight into the industry. The Debrief will land every final Friday of the month, where I’ll give my take on the stories that shaped the industry that month and give you insight into what’s coming next from VGIM (and me).

  • Early Access - VGIM Insiders will get early access and first dibs rights on all future VGIM side projects including new content and tickets to events or webinars (coming soon). You’ll also know first when I have availability for consulting work, hosting opportunities and other George related stuff.

  • Discounts and deals - VGIM Insiders will also get discounts and deals on all VGIM activities, including 10% off VGIM advertising, 20% off any costs for future ticketed events run under the VGIM brand and other discounts as and when I negotiate them.

  • A warm fuzzy feeling in your heart - VGIM Insiders will also likely receive a tremendous boost to their sense of self-esteem upon subscribing, knowing that their financial support keeps the good ship VGIM afloat.

And importantly, the plan is to grow the VGIM Insider offer as the subscription base grows with it - adding extra features as it goes.

How much does VGIM Insider cost?

VGIM Insider costs the following amount to subscribe to:

  • A monthly subscription costs £6 per month, with flexible cancellation options to allow you to pay as you need.

  • An annual subscription costs £50, providing a 31% saving on the cost of becoming a VGIM Insider.

  • Group subscriptions are available at a discounted rate of 20% per seat, meaning that you can cut the cost of VGIM Insider to under £5 per month or £40 per year if you buy more than one membership at the time.

You can also become a founding VGIM Insider for £100. If you do, you’ll receive a special additional surprise from me (and I promise it’s a good one).

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