Advertise in VGIM

Video Games Industry Memo offers in-line advertising in its weekly Thursday newsletter.

About the VGIM audience

The VGIM audience consists of nearly 1700 people working within, and adjacent to, the video games industry.

The profile of readers is:

  • Senior - Nearly 40% of VGIM readers are C-Level, Founders, Head ofs or Directors.

  • Commercially minded - Over 60% of VGIM readers work in commercial roles including business development, marketing & communications, law and policy.

  • Influential within games - 20 of the top 25 most valuable publicly listed video games companies have people in their teams reading VGIM.

  • Influential outside of games - VGIM’s audience of press, policy makers, major businesses, brands and banks has helped VGIM become a trusted source for BBC, Politico, Sky News, The Guardian and The Independent.

  • Based within the UK and US - 65% of VGIM readers are based in the UK, 30% within the US and with a further 1% based in Australia, France and Germany respectively.

VGIM readers are also highly engaged, with 51% of readers opening the email every week and 10% of readers clicking on at least one link in every edition.

What does a VGIM advert look like?

A VGIM advert consists of:

  • A logo, company name and tagline at the top of the email.

  • A 50 word advert inserted in the middle of the big read, featuring a call to action.

  • A 50 word advert inserted between the jobs and events sections, also featuring a call to action.

You can view a recent VGIM campaign here.

Which campaigns work in VGIM?

The following campaigns work most effectively in VGIM:

  • Brand awareness campaigns - Your campaigns are most effective if the main goal is awareness. VGIM ads do deliver clicks - with most campaigns usually being the top five most clicked links each week - but the best adverts focus on influencing decision makers.

  • Focused on the business of games - The majority of VGIM readers are business leaders, rather than development leaders. Although a development message can get through, focusing on areas important to a games business leaders will likely succeed more.

  • Well timed - The best VGIM campaigns so far have had clear call to actions related to events or activities that the organisation is about to engage with. Use a VGIM campaign to strengthen the reach of an activity, keeping in midn the audience.

How can I book a campaign or multiple campaigns?

VGIM charges a flat rate for a single campaign or a discounted rate for four campaigns over a period of 12 months.

You can book campaigns in Video Games Industry Memo via our online storefront here.

Or you can get in touch with me directly here if you’d like to discuss arranging a campaign (or another bespoke opportunity).